Sunday, February 14, 2010

Golden-beet halwa

spent 4 hours in front of the stove yesterday making golden-beet halwa. Priya had suggested making the standard carrot halwa (gajar halwa) with beets instead, which sounded like a great idea--another sweet root vegetable with a beautiful color. Envisioning a golden-yellow halwa (and thinking about the less-beety, mild, sweet taste), I bought a pile of golden beets to try our first batch.

they came out delicious, but I'd do a few things differently next time. First of all, the golden color become more brown (because of the browning-in-butter part). So I think Priya was right--we should've done red beets and had beautiful garnet halwa instead. Secondly, beets are tougher than carrots, so we should have either added more milk and cooked them longer or pureed instead of grated them, to make the texture smoother. Ultimately, I don't think these were better than gajar halwa, but they were good in their own way.

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