Monday, January 25, 2010

Priya's birthday brunch

the annual tightsqueeze birthday brunch; more expensive than ever, and fewer people than last year, but somehow we had NO leftovers except for a bunch of grapefruit. Were people hungrier? Was the food better? Who knows?

we cooked all Friday night, all day and night Saturday, and Sunday morning. the menu this year:

* French green lentils over baby spinach
* Rob's mom's French toast casserole
* ful mudammas
* marzipan almond cake
* Greenpoint kielbasa
*'s latkes
* hardboiled eggs with garam masala
* Frankies avocado-and-beet salad (recipe from Food & Wine; thanks Jackie)
* Bhatnagar family poha
* broiled grapefruits with mint and sugar
* pineapple & grapes
* Anamika's bonbons
* Prosecco + pear nectar + ginger simple syrup
* bagels & lox & dill
* Katie's chile-egg casserole



Sadie said...

Yum! Sounds were the latkes? I adore SmittenKitchen, everything I've made from her site is superlative.

alex said...

The latkes were outstanding...we put a little less onion in than she recommended and only squeezed them once (but used four hands to do it). We fried and fridged them the night before and heated them on a tray with holes in the oven the next morning, and they were still good.

Tsering said...

one day i hope to make it to priya's birthday brunch!