Wednesday, December 16, 2009

M Shanghai noodle shop

M. Shanghai opened a new little noodle shop on Metropolitan Ave. we checked it out before Priya, Katie, and Lena went to Spa Castle...

it's got an almost identical menu to the million lunch shops where I eat in Chinatown--down to the sometimes awkward wording--but has higher prices (pork chop over rice at Hua Ji on Allen St. is $4.00; at M it's $9.00). That's to be expected, and it's still inexpensive for the area, so I'm not complaining. Overall, the food is decent but not must-have. I would eat here from time to time if 1) I lived within a block, and 2) I didn't work in Chinatown.

ho fun noodle with beef and tomato

beef with chili peppers over rice

steamed pork buns. these bugged me. I kind of expected the feathery white bun you get a bag of on the corner in Chinatown for $1.25, but this bun was almost exactly like a less-crusty dinner roll.

den-den mein. extremely spicy, which is why I ordered it, but not much depth to the flavor. yeah it looks like that shitty ohio chili or whatever (spaghetti and chili), but I think those are hand-pulled Lanzhou noodles (from Flushing, not made on-site).

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