Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Virginia, plus Indian dinner

instead of the usual visit to the folks in CT, this year I went to Virginia with Priya for Thanksgiving at her parents' home.

we had a fairly nontraditional but still delicious Thanksgiving, which I unfortunately did not photograph. On the following evening, Priya's mom made Indian dinner (and--best of all--showed us how to make it!).

we had beef seekh kebabs (which Priya's dad helped me make), sarson ki saag (spinach and mustard greens, with garlic-onion chaunk), aloo pyaaz (ptoatoes and onions), and makki ki roti (which we made ourselves, from corn flour).

on the side was also a bowl of big chunks of gur (jaggery), which we ate with buttered roti. I also had a glass of buttermilk with cumin and mint and salt, which I did not especially take to.

Priya's mom walked me through the roti-making steps, so we should be able to have rotis of our own soon!

I wish I had taken more photos...for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, we had halwa (kind of like a porridge with raisins, pistachios, etc.) and aloo tikkia (spicy pan-fried potato cakes). for the next morning's breakfast, we had poha (which Priya has made for me before, but her mom's was even spicier, which of course I liked). Thanksgiving itself was American-style ham chicken rolls, baked stuffing and mashed potatoes, toasted-almond green beans, and Brussels sprouts browned in guanciale fat (which Priya and I kind of pushed on everyone else, and I think they all liked it--Priya's dad even asked for more).

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