Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Garlic fried chicken at Congee Village

PD day for Election Day today, and Tiffany suggested we try Congee Village's special fried chicken, which was recently written up in the Times.

I'll reproduce their description here:

At Congee Village, Mr. Yee and the chef Yong Quan Yang have spent years developing their recipe, which now involves rubbing a whole chicken with white vinegar and malt syrup; seasoning the inside of the bird -- this, Mr. Yee says, is essential -- with five-spice powder, poultry seasoning, ginger and garlic; then hanging it in front of a fan to dry the skin (as is done for Peking duck), for about five hours. Then it's deep-fried whole, while a glaze of sugar, Thai fish sauce, sesame oil, white pepper and soy sauce is combined with slices of deep-fried garlic. The whole bird is hacked into pieces and the garlic glaze poured on top, where it slides off the crisp skin and saturates the meat.

After frightening Lauren & co. with it for awhile, Stan ate the head.

delicious, delicious salty garlicky chicken. we had some vegetables and noodles on the side, but it all kind of faded into the dimness next to the chicken. we ordered 1.5 chickens for 5 people and, with the veg & noodle dishes, paid about $10-$11 each. not bad!

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