Saturday, October 10, 2009

brunch at Egg

seared duck breast on a baguette with mustard, onion jam, and greens. was supposed to have duck liver pate, but I couldn't discern it, so I asked--sure enough, they were out. kind of annoying they didn't tell me that beforehand and/or charge me less.

Priya got a fried chicken breast sandwich that also seemed to be missing something--the spicy cucumber relish. when she asked for it, they brought it out. again, kind of sloppy!

the duck sandwich was absolutely delicious, though.


Chris said...

ok first of all i love that you actually used discern because i said something. but 2ndly, i hate that you used it at all. is the word 'taste' really that miasmatic in a blog? you're already using ingredients most people will never taste, you don't have to adopt an entirely redundant vocabulary to convey your snobbery :)

and to actually comment on the entry while returning to the theme above, a chef whos willing to cut corners once is one who does so whenever he's slammed, and if hes still employed its because no ones complained. and if no ones complaining its probably because no ones noticing, because most people care more about what they order than what they actually eat. or, what they discern....

alex said...

you're being too picky about the diction--"discern" is pretty apt when I'm talking about a minor ingredient that may or may not be present, and trying to figure out if they left it off or not. It's a hell of a lot more accurate than "taste", not just worthlessly snobby. (and really, is "discern" too high-level-vocab for you, Zan?)