Wednesday, October 7, 2009

birthday dinner #3: sailing & Roberta's

on Sunday, Priya & I went sailing on the boat owned by Katie & Chris. It was a wonderful day (maybe the last good day of the season) and very exhausting, and when we were done we went to Chris' restaurant Roberta's for dinner. As usual, the meal was outstanding. Roberta's has really moved past just having great fancy pizza, and there were half a dozen menu items I was itching to try. I settled on the orechiette with duck ragu, while Priya had Carolyn Bane's fried chicken (reportedly, with Pies 'n' Thighs opening soon on S.4th & Driggs, her chicken will soon vanish from Roberta's). We split a Good Girl for the table (pizza with taleggio, sausage, and crispy kale), and I had a nibble of Matt's lamb and Dave's skate wing (both superb).

A+ duck ragu! I detected a bit of citrus--lemon zest, possibly?--that gave it a delicate flavor, balanced with the dark fatty meatiness of the duck. And I was glad to get one last bite of the fried chicken before it went away for a while.


Chris said...

i think detected is my least favorite food word. good job tasting flavor sherlock!

also your pictures are pretty and so are you!

alex said...

haha how about DISCERNED?

thank you!