Wednesday, October 7, 2009

birthday dinner #2: Delhi Palace

we headed out to Jackson Heights on Saturday night for some Indian food. I had never been to Delhi Palace but had read some positive things about it, and I didn't want to hit the usual Jackson Diner.

it wound up being a great choice! the food was delicious and plentiful (they hooked us up with some extra appetizers and such, and the seekh kababs came with a surprise order of dal makhani), the lamb vindaloo was good and hot and not rubbery and cheap (like some of the 6th street Indian places...)...overall I was very happy with it and have an eye toward returning for a buffet.

I had one thing I'd never had before--paneer-stuffed chili peppers deep-fried in chickpea batter, almost like chile rellenos samosas. Jason ordered them and let me try one...delicious!

one downside to the restaurant...the lightning was SUPER weird. our order of mango chutney came and Priya was like, "Why is it GREEN?" Then I realized that our skin was greenish, too. Just very strange lighting that gave all the (delicious) food an unappetizing color...

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