Monday, August 3, 2009

t.b.d. beer garden in Greenpoint

on the eve of my move to Greenpoint, with all my stuff in boxes, Priya & Brina & Katie & Annie & I walked two blocks to have dinner at the t.b.d. beer garden, where a friend of ours (Jonny Meyer, of I8NY) was grilling.

t.b.d. opened a year or two ago in the neighborhood, and I'd never heard much good about the bar--too slick, maybe. But in the past few months, they took the next-door abandoned lot and converted it into a very large beer garden, which is a nice outdoor space. When Jonny was tapped to make the food for the beer garden, t.b.d. got another big boost in our esteem.

okay, the food (apologies for shitty pictures; it was dark and we had to use flash). first, Jonny sent over some grilled fava beans with crumbled cheese (cotija?) and parsley. we ate them pods and all, pulling out the stringy spine.

I had a pork banh mi, hold the mayo (although Jonny did get me to try a lick of it on a fork, the first mayonnaise I have eaten in, like, fifteen years). It was, non-hyperbolically, one of the best banh mis I've ever had. Truthfully, I haven't eaten many--too often, they'll refuse to do no-mayo versions, so I pass--but still, the combo of the grilled, marinated pork with the fresh vegetables, boiled eggs, and sriracha....

Brina had a veg-heavy eggplant sandwich, with mint, harissa, and smoked feta cheese.

Priya had a burger, which was absolutely nothing like a regular crappy grill burger you get at a cookout, and more like one of the artisanal burgers pricier restaurants have nowadays.

We also shared a side of mac 'n' cheese, and I had one of Katie's smoked chicken wings. Earlier in the day, I'd been at a Long Island City bar for 99cent beers and 25cent chicken wings, and so had an immediate point of comparison. These wings were fully different from the crappy 25cent heated-from-frozen hot wings; they were a meal themselves.

Jonny also described how he purchased produce from Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, a rooftop farm a block away; we resolved to visit it soon and check it out.

great place, and not expensive! I'll be back, and recommend checking it out for anyone in the neighborhood.

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