Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Porçao Rio's churrascaria in Brazil, plus weird fruits

For dinner on the second night, we went to Porçao Rio's, an absolutely enormous rodizio-style churrascaria in a park in Botofogo. It's large enough that it's marked on all the city maps and there are signs off the highway for it. For R75 (about $40, a little more than we'd expected) we spent two hours stuffing ourselves with meat from proffered skewers--chicken hearts, ostrich, several different types of beef, ribs, lamb, sausages, pork, and more. There was also a gigantic buffet of seafood and other delicacies. The picture doesn't really do it justice, because of course stuff kept getting piled on the plate as the night wore on.

Any idea what this vegetable is? It came with a salad of shredded, slightly cooked carrots. Looks like a garlic scape a little, but it's not--very mild green flavor.

We also stopped in at a grocery store to buy some weird fruits:

Caju (the fruit of the cashew nut; you can see the cashews on the top of each; it's beautiful, but does not taste very good), atemoia (a cross between a chermoya and a graviola/guanabana/soursop--it was delicious!) and nespea (the little orange fruits; a boring sweet flavor).

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