Sunday, August 30, 2009


my family rented an amazing house in Maine (this year, Fortune's Rocks) and, of course, we ate a lot of delicious food. To celebrate my uncle John's 50th birthday, we had a mussels-and-lobsters fest that was amazing.

Thai mussels (made by my mom):

me eating lobster:

We all know what cooked lobster looks like, so I didn't really photograph it. Also, I was kind of predatory the moment it came out and didn't really have the wits about me to snap a picture. In Maine, we get the lobsters right from a lobsterman for $7.50 each ($5 per lb, 1.5 lbers). Even better, out of the 22 lobsters we bought, I got to eat at least eight bodies, because most of my family doesn't go for the delicious body meat. My sister does, though, and we had to fight over carcasses).

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