Friday, August 7, 2009

The General Greene

Ahmad's birthday dinner at The General Greene, Fort Greene's hotspot of "New Brooklyn Cuisine". It's not a "tapas" place, per se, but serves only small plates (hot and cold) for sharing.

Deviled eggs, created with mustard "and just a little mayonnaise". Believe it or not, I ate one (after being shamed into it), marking the second time I have eaten mayonnaise in like 15 years (and the second in the week). I did not spit it out, but honestly, it would've been better with Green Goddess tahini dressing or something instead of mayo. Everyone else loved them.

"Sugar beets," a bit misleading (they are not sugar beets at all, nor are they even particularly sweet), both raw (the ultrathin slices) and cooked (the not-really-visible-in-this-pic chips) over za'atar yogurt:

Green beans with pickled shallots and roasted walnuts. Barely cooked, like super al dente; so good we asked for a second order:

A special: heirloom tomato salad with microbasil, sprinkled with salt:

Macaroni and cheese, with very cheesy crumble atop. There was barely any white bechamel-type sauce; instead, the bottom of the dish was filled with oil and melted butter. I liked it well enough, but I prefer a cheesy sauce.

Flap steak with smoked garlic and parsley; outstanding! The review quoted above called this, at $11, one of the best deals in the city; the General got wind of this and had raised the price to $13 by the time we showed up. Still awesome (we ordered two):

Collard greens, pretty crunchy (almost Brazilian-style) rather than cooked to brown mush (Southern-style):

Chicken pieces braised in lemon with big green olives and gremolata, with a breadcrumb crust on top; some members of the party found it odd, but I thought it was delicious:

What Priya called possibly the best ribs she's ever eaten: salt and pepper grilled pork ribs with spiced yogurt sauce. I don't know what was in the glaze, but they were outstanding. Definitely order these if you go!

Dessert: salted caramel ice cream over a caramel cake with pretzel brittle on top (um, pretzels with caramel sauce drizzed on them, apparently) and Madagascar chocolate mousse. Both delicious, but the salted caramel ice cream is a standout.

Then back to Sam and Erum's for Dessert 2.0: a lemon meringue pie from Choice. I have to confess: I usually could take or leave lemon meringue pie (it's so often just, like, lemon pudding with little more than whipped cream on top), but this pie was amazing. The lemon curd wasn't too sour nor too sweet, and the meringue was almost like eating toasted marshmallows. I'm a convert.

I will be back to the General Greene to try some of the other dishes we couldn't get round to. And happy birthday Ahmad!

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