Monday, August 3, 2009

Fornino pizza on Bedford

needing a quick pizza fix, Priya & I biked over to Bedford Ave to try Fornino. Priya had never been because it had replaced a neighborhood favorite, and I had noticed a suspicious absence of talk about it on pizza/food blogs. It was mostly full, but it was 9pm on a Saturday night and we were seated immediately.

I immediately noticed that the menu was arranged exactly like the menu of the now-defunct Cronkite's in the LES, where we used to go after happy hour sometimes (pizzas classified as "The First Generation," "The Second Generation," etc.). I asked the waitress and yes, this place was owned by Michael Ayoub, the chef behind Cronkite's.

We ordered the special salad (superthin-sliced golden beets, thin-sliced peaches, goat cheese, greens, toasted almonds, lemony dressing), an anchovy pizza, and a soppresatta pizza. The dressing wasn't as sweet as it sounds--the peaches were, in fact, kind of crunchy and not very ripe. Nonetheless, it was very good, and I liked the toasted almonds/beets/cheese combo.

The pizzas were pretty good, but the sauce was a little runny and they were so hot the toppings also ran off when we picked them up--the very very thin crust couldn't stand up to them. Waiting five or six minutes for them to congeal made them better.

No pictures because of the dimness. It's not a bad place, but I understand why it's not on the top of anyone's list when compared with other Brooklyn pizzerias.

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