Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Brina & Priya & I walked over to Eagle Street Rooftop Farm on Sunday morning to check it out. After having heard of it from Jonny Meyer and sampling some of the produce at t.b.d.'s beer garden, we wanted to see what it was like (and it's only two blocks away).

it was rainy, but it wasn't far and we had umbrellas. it was crowded with people, but there seemed to be a pretty small amount of produce...two eggplants, one basket of greens...then I realized that as they sold an eggplant, they would go pick one more and bring it down! so it couldn't be fresher.

we toured the rooftop farm itself--beautiful setup, and the juxtaposition with the surrounding industrial cranes and warehouses makes it even more pleasing. then we bought two huge heirloom tomatoes for $6 (that's not bad; while it's no Co-op, heirloom tomatoes go for $5.99/lb some places) and left.

for breakfast, we had eggs scrambled in ghee (Kenny Shopsin's recommendation, and a good one--they don't brown) and sliced heirloom tomatoes with fleur de sel. delicious.

the Rooftop Farm wouldn't replace normal shopping, but it is a great place to stroll over to on Sunday morning to buy some just-picked food to eat right then for brunch.

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