Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brazil, day 5

Saturday, so I had to have a feijoada lunch (when I ordered it, with a caipirinha on the side, the waiter gave me the thumbs up and said something about how I did the Brazilian thing). We just stopped in a random place in Copacabana--Flor do Inhanga, a sidewalk cafe.

Fried pork rinds, collard greens, black beans, farofa, chunks of pork, linguiça, pig knuckles...It was a sick amount of food for lunch, and it cost--R38 (around $18 or $19--but it was outstanding. I probably ate half.

Samir flew out, and Priya and I cabbed it to Santa Teresa for dinner at the well-reviewed Espirito Santa, which serves Amazonian food with a modern twist.

Bolinho crocante de queijo coalho (fried coalho cheese balls with açai chutney)

Mujica de piranha (piranha soup, thickened with mandioc flour)

Peixe de rolo (rolls of rockfish/dorado stuffed with shrimp, with tapareba--an Amazonian fruit--sauce over roasted hearts of palm)

Arroz do Peão (rice with oxtail and watercress).

The piranha soup was very good, but tasted like a very good fish soup--nothing insanely weird. The açai chutney made the cheese balls awesome, and the rest was great--but the thing that surprised me most was the hearts of palm. In the U.S., hearts of palm is one of the only foods that I boycott due to ethical concerns, and in the U.S. they're crappy anyway--canned, pickled, blah. These fresh roasted hearts of palm were amazing, and I'm glad you can't seem to get them in the U.S., because it would try my boycott.

oh, we also had a glass of cupuaçu juice, which was sour and sweet--I liked it fine, sort of passionfruity, but Priya did not.

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