Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brazil, day 4

sandwiches at Cervantes in Copacabana for lunch. We went in the afternoon, but it's open 'til 5am and full of local prostitutes and pimps as the hour gets later.

I had the Cervantes especial, which is file mignon, pineapple, and pate (they say foie gras but it's definitely just liver pate).

Priya and Samir had other permutations--chicken, pineapple, and cheese, file mignon and pineapple and cheese, etc. Samir also had a "Russian salad", which is apparently potato salad with vegetables in it.

the table next to us had a crabby middle-aged American guy with a 20something Brazilian girlfriend who complained that he bit on a bone, swore a bunch, and stormed out while she followed, embarassed.

that night, we went to Lapa for some music--samba at Rio Scenarium. No pictures of the dinner, which was linguiça and onion pizza at a local bar/pizzeria that was supposed to be the recommended Encontras Cariocas, which unfortunately seems to have closed and been replaced with the place we went. The pizza had no tomato sauce--even the margherita just had some tomatoes dropped on it--and was cut into a grid, so there were dozens of 1-inch square bites of cheese on bread for us to eat. Bleh. Good fried bacalau (salted cod) balls for appetizers, though.

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