Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brazil, day 3

walking through Centro, stopped at Confeiteria Colombo for iced mate and pastries--I had a fried pastry stuffed with smoked tongue, which was delicious.

Walked the Sa'ara Bazaar, where I snacked on a rosquinha (donut) before we stopped to eat at a Lebanese restaurant.

Beef kafta



It was all decent, but little did we know that one of these things would give Priya severe food poisoning that would strike her just as we arrived at dinner and keep her sick through the night before mostly disappearing in the morning. The water in Rio is fine to drink and I'd been having ice cubes, water, etc. all week, so we suspected improperly-washed lettuce.

for dinner, Priya & I went to the very well-reviewed Afro-Brazilian restaurant Yoruba, which specializes in Bahian food (northern area of Brazil). Surprisingly, it was empty--we were one of two tables there. The menu was full of moquecas (shrimp or seafood stews made with coconut milk and dende, or palm oil) and other delicious-looking things, and the food was great, but the food poisoning revealed itself and we had to finish up and leave.

Shrimp moqueca. We'd been worried that the dende would ravage our stomachs--it's said to be tough on those who aren't used to eating it--so it's ironic that Priya was felled by food poisoning before putting a spoonful of this in her mouth.

Caruru (okra stew, a bit like saag in texture but slimier--in a good way) and pureed/spiced banana (not sweet at all):

Plate, with farofa (mandioc/cassava flour):

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