Thursday, July 16, 2009

Veloce Pizzeria (& Momofuku's Crack Pie)

buncha teachers + P got together for lunch at Veloce, a new pizza place in the East Village, lured there by the promise of good pizza and a $10 special.

upon arrival, however, we reviewed the special (1 slice + arugula salad + glass of wine) and decided that a single slice would not do (especially since more than one of us were pregnant) and that nobody really wanted wine. So the five of us instead split three pizzas, two margheritas and one arugula, fresh tomato, & fontina pizza.

the pizzas were square, cut into four slices each, and looked and tasted quite good--Priya and I both especially enjoyed the arugula pizza, which surprised me, because the margherita looked so delicious. good sauce, not greasy in the slightest, etc.

unfortunately, the behavior of the waiter--who had seemed so nice--tainted what would otherwise be a "a little expensive but very good" positive review. a couple of us had ordered Cokes to drink, and when I asked him the price, he looked a little annoyed and said, "I don't know, three bucks or something." Later, as we were eating, he came over and pointed to Lauren's glass (which still had more than an inch of soda in it) and said, "A little more?" She said sure, and he whisked away the glass. We discussed if it was free-refills or not, but it seemed pretty clear that it was--he had taken her glass while it was still partially full, and he had asked, "A little more?" not "Another Coke?"

When he came back with her glass full, I said, "Could I get a bit more?" and he nodded and brought it back full.

When the bill came...we had been charged $5.50 each for 2 Cokes ($2.75 per soda). What? I have no problem paying for multiple sodas if I want multiple sodas, except that the waiter clearly made a conscious effort to deceive us--and he didn't appear to have English as a second language or anything that could excuse it. That was really annoying, and we left him a 15% tip (which I felt was a huge punishment, but which probably matched the tips he gets from a lot of people, so I'm not sure our point was made). Scummy, and if it had been a simple misunderstanding I would be fine with it--but it was a purposeful attempt to deceive.

We walked up to Momofuku Milk Bar and Priya and I (finally) tried the crack pie. It was very similar to a shoofly pie (pecan pie without the pecans) but with a much firmer, less jellylike inside, and with a perfect crust. Worth $5? Mmmaybe. Pretty good, though.

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lezbrarian said...

i love how your "punishment" was a 15% tip - that's more than my parents leave for good service! :)