Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Roberta's fried chicken

Priya and I apartment-hunted all day and then met up with Lauren, Bill, Christa, and Ali (who had been at Bushwick mini golf) for dinner at Roberta's. For the first time, I did not order pizza, but instead tried a new item--fried chicken (with guanciale beans on the side)!

It was EXCELLENT--among the best fried chicken I've had recently, as good as The Redhead's and way better than Walter Foods'. Super-flavorful and salty all the way through, great crispy skin...yum! The beans were also fantastic. Downside: the mayonnaisey coleslaw, which looked like it would have been so good if they'd made it without mayo (notice how I had to push it wayyy to the side on my plate and even then a mayonnaisey trail reached for my beans & chicken). Why so good? Apparently, now Carolyn Banes from the much-missed Pies 'n' Thighs is working at Roberta's now, making the chicken! (I have heard that PnT is FINALLY re-opening at Driggs and South 4th St. very very soon... is she permanently gone from PnT? not sure).

Anyway, I also had a bite of Priya's white-and-green pizza (arugula on a white pizza, essentially) and it fulfilled my pizza craving.

For dessert, we got a couple of strawberry goat-cheesecakes, which were not at all what I was expecting--they were small ramekins topped with a pinkish paste that looked kind of like baby-food strawberries. I was a little skeptical, but the flavor was fantastic--it's rare that a cheesecake actually tastes like cheese, but these did. The rhubarb crumble was a little tart and not quite crispy enough, but still pretty good.

After dinner, we went out back to check out the garden and radio station and saw a beautiful double rainbow arcing over the warehouses of Bushwick.

The only downside was that our waitress (not one of the waitresses we know) was not good--she made a lot of mistakes through sheer indifference, didn't bother correcting them, etc. (For example, Ali asked if it was possible for her to get a substitution for the beans that came with her fried chicken; the waitress said she'd check, finished taking our orders, and disappeared, never to return. Our food arrived and Ali's chicken had no sides at all and the waitress refused to look our way for 15 more minutes). Oh well, Brooklyn customer service.

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