Thursday, July 23, 2009


Continuing the delightful summer quest of eating a buttload of good pizza, Priya and I had dinner at Motorino in East Williamsburg.

we chose to sit outside because it was blazing hot indoors (the available table was near the brick oven, too...)--great choice! unfortunately, it meant no pictures because of the darkness.

we got a Caesar salad. it was large and pretty good--it had very spicy mustard mixed into the dressing, which was an original taste; I have mixed a pea-sized bead of Kosciusko or dijon into my Caesar dressing before to help it emulsify, but this was almost wasabi-like. I'm not sure if I would order it again, but I appreciated the unique taste.

we also got two pizzas even though, in retrospect, we could easily have shared one. the pizzas are fairly large--an inch or more bigger than Roberta's--and the crust is excellent, nice and chewy without being doughy, but still pretty crisp.

I got a puglia pizza for $14 (broccolini, sausage, burrata, chopped red chiles, no tomato sauce) and it was lovely, very very creamy with the burrata burst all over it, a little too bitter for Priya (it did taste more broccoli rabe-y than broccolini-y, truthfully). I'd never had burrata on a pizza before and kind of liked it. I preferred Priya's, however: soppresatta ($12) (cooked on, so it's crispy and oily and almost pepperoni-like), mozz di bufala, and tomato sauce.

through a kitchen mix-up, I received my pizza like 10 minutes before Priya, so we were given a free dessert--a huge, tasty piece of tiramisu.

great place, good prices; service was extremely friendly and happy to please, although just a little bit confused. I have no complaints and will definitely be back.

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