Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Modern Apizza

stranded in CT for five days watching my parents' ungrateful cat while they're out of the country, I took advantage of my time to eat some food I can't normally get, namely a white clam pizza from Modern Apizza in New Haven.

New Haven pizza is considered the second-best pizza (after New York) in the USA (and hence the world; Italian pizza is good, but falls far below the best of what the US has to offer). The top New Haven pizzerias are Pepe's, Sally's, and Modern; while Modern is a bit less well-known, it's generally thought of as the local favorite out of the three.

I went on a rainy Wednesday night and parked immediately in their lot, there was no line for a table (unlike the hour-plus lines at Pepe's and Sally's), and the apizza was fantastic. Although I kind of wanted a brick-oven cheese-and-tomato-sauce pie, I went with the traditional New Haven standard: a white clam pie with no mozzarella (just grated cheese atop), with lots of littleneck clams, garlic, and lemon. I also had a Caesar salad (which was gigantic) and an Elm City lager (local beer). The whole meal set me back ~$20, and I had half a pizza and half a salad left.

It was, of course, absolutely delicious; it's been many years since I've had real New Haven pizza, and I think I need to make more of an effort to get it more often. Blows away most of the pizza I've had in New York, honestly.

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