Friday, June 19, 2009

Mesa Coyoacan

Priya sniffed out a new Mexican place in East Williamsburg that just opened--Mesa Coyoacan, located in the famous "fishtank" building on Graham (the former location of the defunct Pampa Grill). We belatedly celebrated her graduation (and return from Virginia) by trying it out one night.

The menu looked great--interesting, inexpensive, lots of stuff I wanted--but the restaurant itself was not as pleasant. It was loud, crowded, and hip--like Sea Thai or something. There was a 45-minute wait for a table for two!

The food, however, was excellent. We got some pretty good (but oddly under-onioned) guacamole and I ordered three lamb tacos for $9. They were simple and delicious, and the price was right. For a few dollars more, Priya got mole enchiladas (of course), and, while they weren't the best we've ever tasted, they were more than good.

It was too dim to take photographs, so no pictures. But we'll be back, assuming we can dodge the crowds.

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