Thursday, June 25, 2009


last week of school is always a time of huge amounts of going out and spending money eating out (because we can't do it during the year at all).

to celebrate Tiffany's imminent wedding, we went to 'Inoteca, a wine bar on Ludlow/Rivington. We declined their offer of $30/person prix fixe and only one person got wine, so I think they were all like, "Bleh, teachers."

for $15, I got polpi--an octopus tentacle (over a small amount of salad made of charred celery, tomatoes, and leaves). It was delicious. I used to hate octopus, thinking it was "rubbery", until I realized that if you have rubbery octopus, it was COOKED WRONG. This had been braised and then grilled and was as tender as chicken and very flavorful.

The waiter gave us some bullshit about how it's braised with wine corks to keep it tender, which is a myth on par with the "silver spoon in champagne bottle to preserve the carbonation" myth. Too bad the cook's apparent skill was ascribed to a mystical cork.

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