Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roberta's in Bushwick

After we cleaned up from the engagement/graduation party, we paid a visit to Roberta's for a dinner that did not involve us cooking anything. We kind of threw individual ordering to the wind and just picked out a bunch of pizzas and ate what suited us off each other's plates.

I was a little disappointed to discover that a handful of pizzas I had been desiring were no longer listed on the menu--for example, the finocchio (roasted fennel) and Da Kine (pineapple, ham, ricotta, and lots of jalapeños). I didn't want to always order my favorite (the guanciale and egg) and I also didn't want to duplicate anyone else's order, so it took a little fretting for me to decide what to get. However, I do love how Roberta's is always changing up its menu based on the season, and in fact we asked for Da Kine and they were more than happy to make it for us off the menu, so... no problems at all, and I got to try a bunch of new stuff!

Da Kine
, with paper-thin sliced pineapple so it doesn't get wet and soaked with sweetness like most Hawaiian pizzas:

Every restaurant worth its salt has to have a ramps dish nowadays, right? Roberta's has The Hawk, a ramp pizza with breadcrumbs, peperoncino oil, parm reg, and ricotta:

(I have to say, I did like the pizza, but I think by leaving the ramps whole they sacrificed taste for looks. Looks amazing, but I think they should've chopped the ramps or something--it was difficult to snip off a bite without pulling off an entire ramp, and the bulbs were not cooked nearly as much as the charred leaves.)

Kristin got the guanciale and egg, thankfully:

And I ended up with a Lupo, with prosciutto cotto (cooked ham), ricotta, spring garlic, and pesto:

We also had an RPS (roasted red peppers and soppressata) and margherita floating around... The bill came to about $20 each including some beers, and I left full and with leftovers!

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