Friday, May 1, 2009

Pickled ramps

After dinner out and the movie Treeless Mountain, Priya and I came home and pickled some ramps before we went to bed. I had been ecstatic to find ramps at the Park Slope Food Co-op (finally) earlier in the week, and at $9/lb they weren't expensive (I think they've gone for as much as $20/lb at Whole Foodsy type places). I bought almost the whole bag that was left (about a pound). Since they're only available 4-6 weeks per year, who knows if the Co-op would be getting any more? (For more details about ramps, check the I8NY food blog's writeup here)

To test 'em out the night I bought them, I plucked a few out, cleaned them well, chopped them fine, and mixed them into rice with soy sauce and leftover bulgogi. Excellent, very tender, very mild (not overly pungent, like garlic scapes can be sometimes)!

For pickling, we used David Chang's pickled ramps recipe, with Japanese 7-spice powder and rice vinegar. I cleaned the ramps while Priya boiled up the brine.

It was a pretty easy process, and I wish these things were available year-round...

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