Saturday, May 9, 2009

PACE food swap: Wooh's sardines

Big Portuguese sardines, in a simple marinade, with avocado, chives, and onion on a big crusty loaf.

Prado gamely tried to enjoy it, but in the end, Wooh and I divided his share.

Delicious. Two years ago, I thought sardines were weird and gross; I was introduced to them by my friend Gabe, who cracked a can and started eating them on crackers as a snack during an ATTF94 game. I guess I always associated them with either old Polish guys eating them for lunch at the factory, or else maybe cats in cartoons. As I got older and more of my food hang-ups fell away, I started to enjoy them. Lucky I did!


-puck- said...

Lose the avacadoes and that looks great!

alex said...

the avocado was an awesome addition--I've never put it on sardine sandwiches before, but I kind of want to start now!

-puck- said...

From where is the bread?

alex said...

don't know, actually--I think from somewhere along Atlantic Avenue. I'll ask Wooh!