Sunday, May 31, 2009

La Superior

Priya and I wanted to try a new Mexican place and, after narrowing it down to two, flipped a coin and ended up at La Superior, in South Williamsburg.

Sesadillas (pig brain quesadilla), salsa sampler (three bowls each of tomatillo and tomato salsa: raw, fried, and roasted of each), and prickly-pear agua fresca:

Mole enchiladas (of course!):

Torta ahogada (sourdough bread stuffed with pork confit, beans, and hot sauce, served soaking wet in a bowl):

all delicious! the pig brains did have a bit of a "catfood" quality to them, but I liked them; I'm not sure I would make a habit of eating them (I remember that New Yorker article about the weird ailments among pork workers traced to vaporized pig brains), though.

the ahogada was excellent; I'd definitely order it again (especially because it was only 8 bucks). the mole was decent.

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