Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hua Ji pork chop shop (ground pork)

Continuing my quest to eat my way through the menu at Hua Ji, the pork chop shop near my school, I went there last week and got marinated ground pork over rice ($4.50) with a side of fried pork dumplings ($2.50 for 8).

The dumplings, first of all, were small and subpar; they reminded me unpleasantly of deep-fried pierogies (which they do all too often at restaurants, because it's easier; I prefer pan-fried pierogi). They tasted fine, but didn't match Prosperity or any of the other nearby dumpling shops (which also have much better deals: 5 huge dumplings for $1).

The marinated ground pork was fantastic, though. It wasn't just ground pork, but also lots of chunks of fat-ribboned pork belly, cubes of tofu, and Chinese vegetables. The pork belly alone would bump its price to $12 on fancypants menus. It had a great flavor, and with the rice, was a very satisfying lunch. Would definitely recommend and order again.

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