Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hua Ji pork chop shop: black pepper chicken leg and Thai style rice noodle

I seem to have fallen a little bit out of my making-lunch-every-day rhythm that was sustaining me through most of the year... Oh well, I did use that time to make some headway in my quest to get through Hua Ji's whole menu.

The black pepper chicken leg over rice was more than just a drumstick--it also included the thigh, a sizeable piece of meat and was well worth the $4.50. The "black pepper" part is a dark peppery sauce they pour over the rice and preserved vegetable before they drop the leg on top. It was good, but the flavor of the leg (same marinade as the pork chop, I think?) is good enough alone that I think I'd get it without next time. They were out of the Hong Kong style shark fin soup, unfortunately.

The Thai style rice noodle was fine, but nothing special--the usual suspects of vegetables, ham, etc. stir-fried in a wok and then served up.

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