Sunday, May 3, 2009

Egg (for dinner)

On Friday night Priya and I both had a great deal of work to do, but we took a quick break for dinner at Egg (the fantastic Southern brunch place right near my apartment); ever since they expanded their hours/menu to include non-brunch things, we had been wanting to check it out.

We were trepidatious about the wait and price; brunch at Egg could be an hourlong wait or more, and perhaps they would be jacking up their (generally reasonable) brunchtime prices for the dinner market? And we were both drowning in work, enough so that we had had to bow out of other commitments, so did we have time to wait? We didn't have to worry, though--9pm on a Friday night and the place was empty--only three tables full! (The rain might've had something to do with that). Also, the prices seemed pretty reasonable. Nice!

For $12, I got a Brunswick stew, a vaguely spicy stew of pork, chicken, lima beans, corn, and tomatoes served over a big chunk of cornbread. It was great, just what I was looking for, perfectly tender meats falling apart... the only thing that was a bit discomfiting was the realization (as I was finishing) that it was not very different from one of those disgusting-looking KFC Famous Bowl things. Of course the Egg food items were all of a much higher quality, but the idea of some fat American piling everything he wants to eat in a single bowl and drowning it in gravy and shoveling it in...well, that was me, I guess.

Priya's fried chicken sandwich was $9 and also very delicious. I thought it was a bit dry and needed a condiment, but of course that was because Priya had thoughtfully asked for no mayonnaise to accomodate me. I'd have added some avocado, or hummus, or barbecue sauce or sriracha or something else.

We also got a side order of mac and cheese, which looked a littly runny at first but quickly solidified--it had just arrived super-hot. It grew on me after a few bites, enough so that I might order it just as an entree if I wanted a light meal--very sharp cheese, scallions chopped into it, and possibly a bit of spiciness worked in as well.

No pix due to the poor lighting.

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