Sunday, May 3, 2009

brunch at Fada

I'd never been to the French place Fada even though it's like two blocks away from my house, but I tried it for brunch today and it was pretty nice. For $11.95, we got both coffee and juice and a very acceptable croque madame with a perfectly-sunny-side-up egg atop. I thought croque madames should maybe be more fried/grilled, like a grilled cheese sandwich...? This wasn't, but it was still tasty.

Weird service, though. The waitress seemed to not know the procedures. She took away our coffee cups twice when we asked for refills (instead of bringing a pot over); then, later, a completely separate woman came by with a coffeepot and refilled us. She also didn't realize that our giving her $20 bills and asking for change meant we needed 1s, 5s, and 10s, not the 20s back. Still, she was nice and effective.

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Selena said...

fada has great food but terrible service. if it's available, get the amazing cassoulet. their escargot are fantastic as well.