Sunday, May 17, 2009

brunch at Egg--duck hash et al

For a break from cooking food for our engagement/graduation party, Priya and I had brunch at Egg.

I was in the mood for a country-ham biscuit, but they had a temporary special that sounded great, so I had to try it: crispy duck hash and poached eggs.

Shredded duck confit mixed with potatoes, fried until very crispy... It was delicious, very fatty-tasting without any of the chewy blobs of fat you sometimes get with duck. Just the flavor. The poached eggs looked absolutely amazing, but I'm sorry to report that they were hard inside and didn't ooze all over the hash (the best part of getting hash 'n' eggs!). Oh well.

Priya just got a "side" order of the macaroni and cheese for $7; she wanted a side salad of mixed greens, beets, and pecans to go with it ($6) but they wouldn't give it to her because it was on the "after 6 pm" part of the menu. They did agree to give her a side salad of mixed greens and beets for $5--not sure why the addition of pecans could only happen after dusk.

The mac and cheese was good but very different from the last time we got it... This time it was not runny at all, and it had a lot of dry bread crumbs on top. Are they experimenting with various recipes?

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