Saturday, April 18, 2009

This week's New Yorker on Walter Foods...

...totally agrees with me & Priya:

"The fried chicken, served with an addictive honey-chile dipping sauce, was too dark—“truculent, not succulent,” said one diner..."

New Yorker writeup

My post

Perhaps Sadie should email the New Yorker with her theory of never-changed frying oil.


Sadie said...

oh your link to the New yorker doesn't work! I was looking forward to reading it - I will search for it now.

I have found that, when frying things like chicken and eggplant, the oil gets dark after a lot of batches and it imparts a taste to the food...not burnt per se but not as "clean."

alex said...

weird it just worked for me right now?

I wonder if they INTEND the oil to be old and "flavored"....

Sadie said...

hmm it worked for me when I tried it a second time too...I think my wireless was dicey this morning.

Personally I dislike the taste when the oil gets dark, it overpowers the flavor of whatever I've fried...but who knows.