Monday, April 20, 2009

Polish Easter

Sunday morning, before church: what we always referred to as barszcz or borscht or--if you were my Dziadziu--"torpedo juice" but which probably has another, actual Polish name (although some casual Googling finds a bunch of Polish people posting things like "we call this borscht but nobody else does!" so who knows). a vinegary kielbasa broth poured over cut-up ham, kielbasa, horseradish, and hardboiled eggs (all from the aforementioned swieconka basket).

then, later, family arrives, and we have dinner: same stuff as before (kielbasa, eggs, ham) but with the addition of poppyseed bread (my mom's, the best ever, especially with some butter hewed from the butter lamb's face), green beans Polonaise (I made them; butter, bread crumbs, chopped egg, etc.), stuffed shells (my uncle John's, a little nod to the Italians), beets (again, I made them, based on a Julie Sahni Indian recipe--roasted, then glazed with mustard powder, orange juice, etc.)...excellent!

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