Saturday, April 11, 2009

PACE Food Swap Day Five: Prado's Mexican meal

So, Lauren began calling us the "finer things club" after, apparently, an episode of the Office. (Evidently Wooh's fancypants meal was too much for the others, especially when we began talking about how we wished we had some cornichons to go with the piave). Apparently there had also been some rumblings from non-members, who wanted us to throw Prado out so they could join (since we refused to expand it beyond five people). So a lot was riding on Prado's meal.

Drawing on his Texan roots, Prado made carne asada and chicken tacos with homemade guacamole and pico de gallo. He marinated the steak all day in something that had a lot of lime in it--chiles, cumin, a little oil...?--and did something complicating with the chicken that involved boiling it before grilling and seasoning it (he said that it improved the texture).

Unfortunately for the non-members, Prado's Mexican food was a hit. It was easy to reheat, immensely satisfying, delicious-tasting, and encouraged everyone who walked by to stare greedily or even reach in for some guacamole. Definitely a great way to round out the food swap cycle.

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