Monday, April 27, 2009

Hua Ji pork chop shop

So, Prado was struck down by the swine flu and couldn't bring his pot roast for lunch, leaving the Finer Things Club casting about aimlessly for lunch options. I had this half-formed idea that, over the next couple of months, I would work my way completely through Hua Ji (formerly Wah Ji; here's my previous post, and here's a discussion on chowhound involving the name change)'s not-so-large menu, generally ordering things about which I had no idea what they were. Today was as good a day as any, so I trooped off and got the Young Chow Fried Rice ($4.50) and four Curry Rolls ($2).

I watched them whip up the young chow fried rice right in front of me; beating an egg and throwing it into a hot-oil-filled wok, the cook reached back and grabbed a bowl prepared by the cashier, piled with white rice, cubed ham, peas and carrots, roast pork, and little shrimp. Some quick stirring and seasoning and it was done.

Pretty decent, nothing special; certainly not gross, like so much fried rice around here at random places is. I don't think it stacks up to a delicious pork chop, preserved vegetable, and rice (which is the same price).

The curry rolls were a good appetizer, but could've come with some kind of sauce--I had to make do with a snatched packet of soy sauce. Not very spicy, just slightly...

Sympathizing with my pain at being denied pot roast, Gurian gave me half of his delicious Alleva sandwich (mozz, balsamic, soppressata, salami, I think) in exchange for half of my young chow and a curry roll (great deal for me).

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