Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walter Foods

Seeking a restaurant near my apartment, Priya and I settled on the fairly new Walter Foods on Grand Street. It was crowded (peak time on a Saturday night), but the hostess said she had a table for two for us as soon as it was cleaned off, so we were seated pretty quickly. The place had a nice olde-timey chop-house look to it inside, and the bowtied waiters and beef-heavy menu contributed to the vibe. While the cocktails looked great, neither of us was in the mood for dropping $11, so we eschewed them in favor of Cokes.

Before even hearing the specials, we'd settled on our orders. I ordered the $13 bacon-and-cheeseburger and Priya got the fried chicken plate. We split a side of brussels sprouts and a Caesar salad.

The cheeseburger was delicious--it was cooked just right (medium-rare...often when I ask for that, they overdo it) and was a decent size. The fries were also the type I like--thin, pale, crispy on the outside, more like fast-food fries than huge honking skin-on floppy fries that places try to serve to be fancy sometimes. Was it better than a Dumont burger or a Luger burger? It's getting to the point where every higher-end place has a higher-end burger on the menu as a cheaper option for people, and they're almost all good. Maybe this is something our culture has perfected, I don't know.

The fried chicken plate was huge--half a fried chicken over lumpy smashed potatoes with a white gravy. The chicken itself was fried very dark--in the dim light, Priya at first wondered if it had been burned. But it hadn't--I liked the crispy skin. However, it did seem pretty oily, and while it wasn't burned per se, it very well may have been overfried.

The brussels sprouts were decent, but were kind of disappointing--they were too mushy/soggy, and came in a bowl sitting partially submerged in their cooking liquid. Good flavor, but they need to be less done.

Our Cokes didn't arrive until halfway through the meal, and the waiter was very apologetic and took them off our bill, so the whole thing came to $54, which is not bad for a nice meal. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to take people here, but it's a good option to have close by.

No pictures due to the dim lighting.


Sadie said...

It sounds like the oil that Priya's chicken was fried in probably needed to be changed; old oil makes the chicken really dark (I have learned this through my own chicken-frying experiments!).

oh, and hi Alex! I'm enjoying your food blog.

alex said...

hey Sadie! glad you like the blog...your explanation makes sense. I wonder why a fairly nice restaurant wouldn't be more conscientious about changing their oil? really, the taste alone was fine, but it seemed to have absorbed too much of the oil...