Monday, March 2, 2009


Snow day today, first time since I've been in NYC... the DOE, being enormous jerks, didn't call it until 6:25 am, so a bunch of kids were already en route to school and I had already showered and begun to eat breakfast... finally I got back to sleep, woke up, and got M Shanghai for lunch. I got kung pao chicken (very good) and soup dumplings (xiaolong bao). I've had both there before, and I was really surprised and pleased by how good the soup dumplings were in the past, different from the ones in Chinatown... but the ones I got today SUCKED. They were small and shriveled and had no soup inside. It hadn't leaked out or anything--I didn't see any residue in the container--it just wasn't there. They were simply meatballs (fairly tasty) wrapped in noodle. Maybe they gave me an order of regular dumplings by mistake? Either way, it was very disappointing. I was going to bring my 10-year-old soup-dumpling-loving cousin Lucas here, but I'm not sure I'll chance it now.


Anonymous said...

Alex - chance it. Those dumplings are normally the bomb. These look like the wrong ones.

alex said...

yeah, they are usually good! Priya said what you suggest--that they gave me the wrong ones completely, rather than my theory of the soup all leaking out. I'll give 'em one more try before I write them off.