Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

Priya and I celebrated the crappy traditional holiday of Valentine's Day by staying in, cooking dinner, watching a DVD, doing crafts, and, um, getting engaged. Way to strike at tradition!

For dinner, we made pork roast; at one point we were combining four separate recipes, but we whittled it down, removed the stuffing, and ended up with something simpler. I brined the pork using Alton Brown's recipe (cider vinegar, salt, brown sugar, mustard powder, peppercorn) and then browned it in a mixture of honey and butter (a Martha Stewart suggestion) before roasting it in the oven. It came out with a delicious flavor, but was a little dry, undoubtedly due to the fact that we did all this without a meat thermometer. Never again!

On the side, we made brussels sprouts with guanciale (again); they didn't come out quite as dry as we would've liked them, but were still delicious. Priya also spearheaded the creation of another favorite of ours: a giant beet rosti, from Mark Bittman, which fell apart a bit (we just made it way too big) but was still sweet and delicious. She also whipped up the corn muffins.

Dinner entertainment was Towelhead (pretty good); post-dinner crafts came courtesy of Jonathan (I painted my lion monochrome, and Priya chose a flame theme for her penguins); engagement ring was purchased at Erie Basin in Red Hook.

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