Thursday, February 19, 2009


Stan and I tried to go to Shopsin's a week or two ago for lunch during Regents, but found it crowded (there's only, what, six tables?). We waited around a bit, but Kenny's son saw us lingering and called us "cocksuckers" and said it was "too long to wait for fuckin' lunch" and told us to get out. Okay.

So today Priya and I went for brunch before her class (school is on winter break for me). We got there around 11am, missing the lunch rush, and got a table in just a minute or two. After perusing the giant menu, we settled on our order. Unfortunately, they were out of ice cream, so Priya couldn't have her avocado shake. (I thought one of the points of pride was that they were never out of anything? Maybe they just didn't want to make it).

I got birch beer (made from syrup and seltzer; it was kind of not good, very bland and watery and sweet, not crisp and treelike like the birch beer of my youth at all) and a slider special for $14--three sliders, french fries, and chocolate bacon. The sliders were excellent--caramelized fried onions, small juicy burgers, soft dinner-roll type buns. The fries had a strange sweet flavor I couldn't place--I think it must have been from the type of potato used in the frying? And the chocolate bacon tasted basically like eating a chunk of chocolate with a little hint of bacon--good, but not exactly what I was expecting. (The chocolate bacon apparently comes from another shop in the Essex Street Market, a chocolatier).

Priya got her perennial favorite: blisters on my sisters, an $8 dish of tortilla, rice, several kinds of beans (including some giant thumb-sized flat bean), eggs, chiles, and a huge amount of toasted melted cheese. It was very nice--she ordered it 6 out of 10 on the spiciness scale, which I thought was okay but she thought might be too hot--and certainly not only half as good as the $15 blisters on my sisters with meat!

Some of the prices were weird--the Indian breakfast skillets were $21! what!--and we guessed that they were either dishes that were a) annoying to make, so they don't want to make 'em much, or b) only Kenny knows how to make 'em, and since he sat in a chair talking the entire time we were there, maybe he doesn't like getting up to make stuff so much nowadays.

Anyway, the food was really good, and I wish we could come here more, and I also wish the prices were significantly cheaper, but it was a great experience, and I will try to come back again.

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Anonymous said...

someone lied to you, we were not out of ice cream. I will find out who tomorrow.

If true, bring in some proof of your identity an get a breakfast + a shake on me.
Sorry it wasnt all good. Ken.