Monday, December 29, 2008

Roberta's pizza in Bushwick

Priya and I were planning to have a sedate brunch at home last Sunday, but then Katie called and suggested brunch at Roberta's, a pizzeria in Bushwick run by some friends. Brunch at a pizzeria? Weird, but sounds good, so we went.

The place was pretty empty, and a friend was waitressing, so we got individual attention as pizzas slowly came out, one by one. We had an appetizer salad involving La Tur cheese and apples, and we split an order of French toast as another appetizer... I wish I'd taken a picture, but you get like four small slices, looks like they're cut from a baguette, soaked in syrup and butter. Nice.

It was weird getting coffee with pizza, but not so much when I ordered the guanciale (pig jowl) and egg pizza. Absolutely delicious for dinner, and even better as a brunch item. The yolk runs all over and you sop it up with cheesy, saucy pizza--mixed with the tomato sauce, it's almost like shakshuka--yum!

There were a bunch of new special pizzas being rolled out, and due to a kitchen error we got to try all of the ones we wanted! One amazing one was the finocchio, with a copious amount of sweet caramelized fennel atop:

Also, this one (called "The Good Girl") had sausage, taleggio cheese, and kale. The greens were perfectly crisped:

We also got to try some scrambled eggs with oysters poached in red wine--delicious!

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