Monday, November 3, 2008

Super Taste Lanzhou noodles

Before the Kayo Dot/Pelican show, Priya and Sam and I scooted southward to Super Taste for some cheap food. With some winding and weaving, we also met up with two of Sam's friends, who were visiting NYC and seemed a bit trepidatious about the hole-in-the-wall nature of the place. They were game, however, and I was glad we didn't go to Eastern Noodle (which has no menu to speak of--Super Taste has a English menu with extensive options ranging from Lanzhou noodles to vermicelli noodles).

we all got Lanzhou noodles and, for $6, split 20 pork dumplings for the table. they were boiled rather than fried and absolutely delicious--an extremely juicy but not too oily pork-and-chive inside, nice squishy pasta on the outside, and a sweet soy sauce for dipping. I got the spicy beef Lanzhou noodles and found them to be basically the beef noodles with hot red chili oil liberally poured over the top layer--quite good, and quite spicy. I didn't get to try the pork Lanzhou noodles, but they looked pretty good. Priya's egg Lanzhou noodles were a bit of a disappointment--I had been envisioning a raw egg cracked into the boiling broth and poached on the spot, like in bibimbap, but this simply had a fried egg dumped into the broth.

Still a very good meal, and so so cheap. like 7 bucks each including tax and tip.

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