Friday, November 28, 2008

Onion burger

I saw some nice grass-fed super-organic ground beef at a good price at the co-op on Saturday and thought a burger might be nice for dinner; on the advice of Simon (de Montreal; see links bar), I went with an onion burger (I had giant sacks of onions sitting around waiting for me to slice up for mujadarra for PACEgiving).

pretty easy to do: cut a big, thick slice of onion from the center of the onion and put it in a little oil in a hot pan (obviously, grilling would be better, but that wasn't an option).

when it's cooked a bit, flip the onion over. then mash a ball of ground beef down onto it, making sure it's fairly thin right over where the onion is.

Put a lid on it so it cooks more thoroughly.

after a bit, flip it; the onion will be embedded into the beef, steamed in beef vapors and fried sweet and delicious.

eat with cheese, ketchup, not much else. I thinly sliced some sweet potatoes and covered 'em with za'atar and olive oil and made baked sweet potato "chips/fries" in the oven to go along with the onion burger. I also made a quick red cabbage coleslaw with dill, cider vinegar, and olive oil and some steamed broccoli.

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