Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Night potluck

so, Christina and I had a little election night potluck dinner, and though it swelled beyond its original parameters, it was great and fun and there was plenty of food and, of course, Obama rounded out the night with a victory for us!

pictures are crappy due to the rushed nature of the thing, but oh well.

first, Priya made butternut squash lasagna. layer of ricotta, layer of baked squash + butter-fried sage, layer of pasta, cheese all over...stripes of white and orange, delicious autumn taste! everyone loves it--clean plates!

I made simple mujadarra, using my mandoline and armored glove to slice 4 hgue onions and some shallots and cooking them til brown in my dutch oven with some cinnamon sticks before adding brown lentils and water, simmering a bit, and then adding rice and cooking til done. super easy, nice proteiny rice dish.

Priya also made an AMAZING Obama cake, which we ate to give Obama good vibes as we waited for Ohio results to roll in (it worked!).

ALSO, Priya made a beet salad of roasted beet wedges, chunks of avocado, and a dressing of chopping shallots, pistachios, orange juice, oil, and pepper. simple and really good.

Eugene and Christina made delicious crostini covered with super-thin slices of broiled beef and bacon, with a bit of fresh parsley to give it that green taste. (Some added horseradish cream; I avoided that mayonnaisey mess and was perfectly happy).

Katie brought over her awesome meatloaf, made with her homemade ketchup, which was gone in moments.

Lauren and Bill brought a green salad with avocado and yellow tomatoes.

Sara brought olive bread.

Lena brought some bubbly, which we toasted with as Obama was declared the winner later.

Brina brought home-made applesauce with white raisins--yum!

For snacks we had edamame, cranberries, tamari almonds, cheddar cheese, hummus and carrots, mini chocolate mushrooms from Japan, and a whole host of drinkables.

lovely potluck! good thing my friends all know how to cook.


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