Sunday, October 5, 2008

birthday dinner #2: Dumont

after "dinner with Priya's family" on my actual birthday, I went out to Dumont on Saturday night with 15 friends (they gave us the whole center room!) for my Official Birthday Dinner Celebration. it was too dim for pictures, sadly.

out of the group, at least 5 or 6 of us got the Dumont Burger. I kind of wanted it, but since I've gotten it the past 2 times I've been to the place, I needed a change. so Priya and I split a Dumont Salad (okay, I've gotten that a bunch, too, but whatever) and I got a lamb shank with pureed parsnips. I wanted the braised short rib with red cabbage, but the waitress had to come back and tell me that they had just run out (and this after spilling beer on my back!). no matter; the shank was great, not gamy at ALL (clearly a real lamb and not a maybe-getting-toward-sheephood animal) and the parsnips were delicious--several people around the table tried them and seemed impressed. I also got to nibble on Ahmad's mac and cheese (a nice crusty browned part from the top) and Priya's roast chicken (sounds boring, but how do they get it so flavorful and juicy?).

for dessert, I had a candle stuck in creme brulee, a very touching gesture. the creme brulee I thought was maybe a little too sweet 'n' creamy (weirdly; usually when a restaurant messes it up it's too eggy) but still very fine. all in all, a great meal...that I didn't have to pay for!

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