Monday, September 1, 2008

using up the chick peas

I soaked and cooked a big pot of chickpeas, with an eye toward making a couple of dishes with them that might last me for a while. The following night Priya came over and kindly assisted me in making my dream a reality.

Priya took the lead on the ginger-tamarind chana masala. Meanwhile, I made African peanut chicken stew with sweet potatoes. Everything was going smoothly until I realized that I had only made half the chickpeas I'd intended--one cup instead of two (which transformed into four cups cooked instead of the eight I'd planned). Okay, so the chicken stew ended up chickpealess. But over the next few days, the stew and the chana masala provided several meals and side dishes, and I still have some of the chana masala in the freezer right now.

it all came out excellent. I've made the chana masala dozens of times, so no big surprises anymore (and Priya, though this was her first time being forced to follow Julie Sahni's recipe, was an all-star and pulled it off), and the chicken stew I've done a bunch, too, but always slightly differently. This time I was careful to let the sweet potatoes stay whole, instead of pulping them into the gravy to make it thicker. I always try to use on-the-bone chicken, usually thighs, which I think helps the flavor tremendously.

Later, eating it for dinner with Priya, we made cabbage salad (shredded red cabbage, thinly-peeled carrots, parsley, dill, vinegar, oil, mustard powder) and, while she was uncomfortable with such a syncretic dinner, I kind of love it.

Chopp saw me eating it at lunch and asked for some, so he got a thigh and and chana masala. he seemed to enjoy it!

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