Friday, September 5, 2008


Priya let it slip that she did not know how to pick and clean a lobster, and, since there's a seafood distributor right near my school in Chinatown that sells live ones not too expensively, I thought lobster would make a good first-week-of-school dinner.

the previous night, I made Rhode Island clam chowder in preparation--didn't even have to use chicken broth, because the clams were enough. Priya picked up some surprisingly delicious corn and bread, and I bought two half-pound lobsters (softer shell, for about 7.50 per pound--$24 total) and raced home as they wilted in the heat. they were still wiggling when I popped them into the pots to steam.

great dinner. lobster is really delicious for how simple it is. I'm also at the point at which I know how to get the delicious knobs of body meat out--at a big lobster dinner, as everyone's throwing their bodies away, Mary Tess and I will fight over them and end up with four, five bodies each, bursting with meat that usually gets thrown away by people unwilling to crack open the ribcage.

Priya was a little discomfited by the whole operation, but ignored the prickliness of the shells and gamely cleaned the bugs as per my instructions. she also enjoyed the clam chowder, I think, despite her worrying beforehand.

goodbye summer!

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