Tuesday, September 2, 2008


though sick, I went to Enid's with Priya for brunch after our trip to the greenmarket. I wasn't sure what I would find appetizing, but it was nearby and the wait wasn't terrible like we'd expected.

I got a homemade biscuit sandwich with sausage, egg, and gravy, with cheese grits on the side. They were out of iced tea so I had to make do with hot tea. They were seemingly having beverage problems (I guess everyone was getting bloody Marys), because Priya got shitty Country Time lemonade (and when she complained, they instantly brought her a glass full of lemon juice and water and gave her simple syrup to make real lemonade with. I guess most people don't complain).

My biscuit was pretty okay, nothing special...I would've preferred bacon or something instead of sausage, and it wasn't really eatable like a sandwich because of the gravy smothering it, but it was passable, though a bit overpriced.

Priya got huevos rancheros which were perfectly passable as well, although the tortilla was not fried. In the end, it was a pretty average brunch, but with my sense of taste all screwed up from illness, it was pretty much what I needed.

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