Sunday, August 24, 2008


Bill, Lauren, Christa, Allie, Priya, and I went to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone ($8 now, up from $4! Jesus!) and Wonderwheel before they were gone. we looked for the waterboarding art project, but no dice. it did make us hungry, though, and we walked a couple of blocks up to Totonno's on Neptune Ave, a famous and tiny pizza place.

we arrived at 5:45 and there was already a line. seriously?? the woman said there's no "putting in names", you just wait in line. we watched through the windows for about an hour as people slowly got their pizzas, slowly ate them...smaller tables opened up, and the woman apologized as she seated four-person parties before us, but we were waiting for this one six-person table that only had this extremely slow white guy and his extremely slow four-year-old dawdling over food at it. finally, 15+ minutes after they'd paid, we got to sit down--total wait 50-60 minutes!

there wasn't much of a menu, and we just ordered two large cheese pizzas ($18 each, but we were hungry). got some beers and sodas. looking around, it seemed like nobody was ordering toppings, so we'd made the right choice to get the best experience, I think.

the pizza arrived and was plunked right on the table--no fancy pizza stands. it was very skimpy on the sauce--in fact, it looked like the cheese had been laid down first, and then sauce lightly drizzles in a few casual lines over it. kind of like Verdolini's back home in Meriden!

maybe because of the lack of sauce, the pizza wasn't greasy at all--it was thin, soft and wet on top but dusty on the bottom, and tasted very earthy with a hint of char. and I mean all this in a good way--in fact, it was great. it even seemed like they put some kind of cheese--Romano, Parm, something?--in the dough, giving the crust a wonderful flavor. in the end, really simple, but really good. maybe not worth a trip out to Coney Island (unless you're a pizza fanatic), but worth the wait if you're there and need a real place to eat that's not hotdogs.

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