Sunday, August 10, 2008

Roma Pizza (again)

in Park Slope to work my shift at the Park Slope Food Co-op, I realized that the necessity of eating dinner before my 8:30 food processing shift meant I could still dine at some of my favorite Park Slope restaurants, even though I no longer live in the neighbourhood. so I went back to Roma Pizza for a quick slice.

of course I got the grandma pizza again (yum!) but this time, instead of a margherita with fresh tomatoes, I got a fresh mozzarella slice, which is heavily promoted on the window and menu and supposedly has a different kind of sauce (made with Italian tomatoes) than other pizzas there.

both, again, pretty delicious; there were some weird dark toasty marks on the fresh mozz slice, but I ate 'em anyway, and they were fine. I could be making it up, but I thought I did detect a difference in sauces, and I liked them both...but still the grandma slice was the best, I think.

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